Authorized Thermo King service

  • specialized repair workshops and service network in Lithuania at the right time for the client.
  • UAB EVA King's professional, Thermo King-certified mechanics can guarantee high-quality maintenance of refrigeration equipment and excellent technical condition
  • Urgent and operative assistance throughout Europe. Organization of the repair of the customer's refrigeration equipment abroad, referral to the nearest Thermo King service in Europe around the clock

    Extensive experience accumulated over 20 years, a strong team of professionals, and long-term relations with the manufacturer of refrigeration equipment allow us to provide customers with high quality and the most reliable refrigeration/heating solutions for transport, transporting perishable products, medicines



  • Sale and installation of new and used refrigeration equipment for transport.
  • Installation of internal thermal insulation in commercial transport.
  • Installation of catafalques and hearses.
  • Isothermal, panel bodies, superstructures on chassis chassis.
  • "GDP Pharma" certification for transportation of medicines.
  • Warranty maintenance of Thermo King refrigeration equipment.
  • Repair, maintenance, technical service of all types of transport refrigeration equipment of Thermo King and other manufacturers.
  • Service 24h/7, mobile service.
  • Retail and wholesale of Thermo King spare parts and accessories.
  • Sale of temperature recorders/thermographs, installation, calibration, annual inspection, inspection protocols.
  • Rent, sale of transport with refrigeration equipment.
  • Sale, inspections, repair of marine container refrigeration equipment.
  • Sale, maintenance and repair of air conditioners for transport.
  • Sale and repair of autonomous heaters for transport (Planar, etc.).
  • Sale and repair of diesel generators.


  • Refrigeration equipment:
    • Refrigeration equipment for semi-trailers;
    • Refrigeration equipment for trailers;
    • Refrigeration equipment for commercial transport.
  • Spare parts.
  • Add-ons/accessories.